“I have worked with Braidwood almost continuously for the past 7 years and have been consistently impressed by their conscientious approach, competitive pricing, the quality of workmanship and thier ‘can do’ attitude in both the domestic and commercial environment. Braidwood have retained the same work force over this period which has allowed us to build an understanding with his workforce of our expectations which is an invaluable asset from the Architects point of view. My only hesitation in recommending him is that Braidwood may become unavailable to tender for our clients projects!”

Helen Lucas, Helen Lucas Architects

“In a building project where the quality of workmanship and attention to detail is of great importance, Braidwood will not let you down. The team are a pleasure to work with.”

Jens Bergmark, Bergmark Architects

“I’ve worked with Braidwood on numerous projects over the last ten years. I have always found them professional and courteous. It is a pleasure to work with them.”

Gordon Eadie, Structural Engineer

“Braidwood Building Contractors aim for the highest quality possible and through their value engineering approach and proactive work ethic they have never fallen short on any project.”

John Hamilton, Architect, Domus Limited

“We have worked with Braidwood Building Contractors on several projects and have been impressed with the way they approached all of the contracts. They produce good work on time and at reasonable cost. We have always found the tradesmen to be courteous and willing. We would happily recommend them to any client.”

Michael Gray Architects

“It was a pleasure to work with Braidwood. They did a great job and their concern that I was happy with all aspects of the job set me at ease throughout the entire project. The Studio is a fine building. I would recommend them.”

Callum Innes, Artist

“We approached Braidwood because of our client’s need to hit a tight deadline – without sacrificing the quality of finish. Braidwood really went the extra mile!”

Tom Fuggle, Helen Lucas Architects

“This was a major project, turning a grim and empty shell into a beautifully finished, world-class exhibition space. Braidwood did an excellent job, delivering on time and on budget with an easygoing, can-do attitude throughout. They have given us, and Edinburgh, a building to be proud of.”

Richard Ingleby, Gallery Owner

“We have worked with Braidwood for more than five years and on every project have found them to be careful and reliable. They are always willing to ask for further explanation of our details to ensure the correct work is carried out and always involve themselves in the project. The quality of work is consistently high and they are remarkable in their ability to give Client satisfaction. We would always unreservedly recommend them for projects.”

David Narro, David Narro Associates